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APG Value Statement

We Specialize in Increasing Individual & Team Performance

“APG is dedicated to the delivery of quality in both education and training consulting. We believe that true quality can only be measured by customer satisfaction, and ethical standards are essential to the achievement of our individual and corporate goals.”


How we achieve our mission is as important as the mission itself. Here are APG's core values that are the guides by which we navigate:


Professional and Technical Excellence


We care deeply about providing word-class services. We demonstrate this through our leadership and innovation. We build on the customer’s vision of excellence and definition of success. We quantify our efforts with supporting data built into a tailored quality assurance strategy. We attract and develop leaders in their fields and encourage them to build businesses.


Customer Focused


We are successful by our customers' success. We are committed to delivering quality, meeting expectations and satisfying customers.


Integrity and Professional Ethics


Ethics is our foundation and constant commitment; unchanging and unwavering. We are accountable to lead by example and uphold the highest standards of integrity in the profession.


The APG Family


APG's people are our most valuable asset.  We hire those with high capability and potential. We value the skills and expertise of a diverse work force. We strive to provide each person with the freedom to grow personally and professionally.

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