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We Specialize in Increasing Individual & Team Performance

This is the Corporate website of Applied Performance Group Services (APG). APG is a service disabled veteran owned business (SDVOB) initiated in Harker Heights Texas on 9 November 2009. APG is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with offices near Austin Texas, Sacramento California, and Castro Valley California. APG specializes in services in three divisions: The Assessment Services Group (ASG), The Performance Services Group (PSG) and a Property and Assets Division. The PSG offer world class education, training, and coaching services for contract to private businesses and the U.S. Government. APG is a mission focused organization that is committed to the pursuit of excellence in both training and education consulting applying the latest science and techniques to meet the customer’s education and training needs. The ASG is mostly an online service with the exception of interviews designed to validate the online assessment instrument. This division provides a highly accurate employment screening service, a learning aptitude assessment, and a performance aptitude measurment to the business and educational community as well as performance services to the Department of Defense. APG is registered with the central contracting registry (CCR) and is preparing to bid on government contracting opportunities. Both the management and independent consultants of APG are committed to providing value to customers empowering them to reach their potential in all that they do.


The Performance Services Group (PSG) - APG Subject Matter Experts (SME) provide high-quality educational and training through contracted consulting services to businesses, elite level athletic organizations and individual athletes, U.S. Government agencies and the Department of Defense. These services include Resilience training and coaching, leadership training and coaching, communications training, team improvement training and coaching, adaptive thinking training, and performance enhancement training and coaching.

The Assessment Services Group (ASG) - APG provides high-quality assessment services to businesses, U.S. Government agencies and the Department of Defense. These services include cognitive processing assessments such as the Skill-Set Aptitude Measurement (SAM), Learning Aptitude Measurement (LAM), and the Performance Aptitude Measurement (PAM). The Learning and Performance components are still in development. All three assessments obtain and assess information taken from a common tool developed by APG. This tool is named the Cognitive Processing Assessment (CPA) which is composed of a written inventory developed over a five year period, and as a result of extensive research.

The Properties and Assets Division (PAD) - APG Properties and Assets Division is the investments foundation for APG. This division has a specific focus on property and housing solutions & management.This includes the day-to-day management of properties including the maintenance and repairs of rental units, interaction with tenants, and advertising available units.


Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Learning Asset Development (LAD) - As part of the Performance Services Group, APG designs and builds high-quality education and training programs for business organizations and the Department of Defense. All programs are created from the ground up to meet the specific needs of a customer. In class programs, written publications, online distance learning platforms, gaming and simulations, and conventional online learning are just a few learning assets that APG is capable of delivering in both a conventional and rapid deployment environment.

Online Certification Services (OCS) - APG does business as (DBA) Online Certification Services for all of it's online training services.

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